Friday, 15 March 2013

What I feel about this Trip

There are many things I like about this trip, the first is that I love travelling, especially road trips. But this is something beyond driving, meeting these women has been an amazing experience for me. When I really connect with these people I experience me in their place and I think that this is how india can change, not just by big politicians who are selfish. I have never met more selfless people before.

What I feel about each woman

Bimla Devi - She destroyed the most important problem in India, cast and gender discrimination. I feel she made a huge difference in her village even when she was not the sarpanch of her village which is a great feat because people do not listen to just any person and she made them listen to her...

Vijaylaxmi Sharma - She is the most brave woman I have met, she is not scared of so many threatenings. She just does her work without worrying about herself which is a very good value. Another that I really liked about Raju was her firmness when she said at the age of thirteen that she will not get married.

Norti Bai - I love her always young spirit, she learnt how to run a computer at the age of 60! She became the Sarpanch of her village at such an old age!

Sister Mariola - I love how she looks at everyone with a different or good eye. She even saw love in criminals. I love her love for everyone.

Kalbeliya Dancers - She is a part of a nomadic tribe which is on the move at all times. She has grown from the worst of times into visiting more than 50 times and going abroad 85 times. But this has not made her show off, her humility still exists.

Rakhi Paliwal - She is the role model for all women who think that men and women are equal. She does everything a man does and maybe even more than that.

Fehmida Malik - Being a psychologist, she was not a professional in what she did, but she still did it for the people.

Mittal Patel - Her subject was journalism for which she studied nomadic tribes, when she went and saw how these people live, she was very touched and she then took the decision to help them in any way. And she did. This shows a good heart and a strong decision making power.

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