Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Vijaylaxmi Sharma, 24, B.Ed from village jhorinda bhojpura in Phagi district Rajasthan was born when her mother was only 14 years old. Kamla Sharma had all her 3children by the age of 19 which is when she had an operation after which she couldn't give birth. The other two children are vijay Sharma, 22 B.Ed and Mahesh Sharma, 20 pursuing polytechnic in civil. When Vijaylaxmi got to the age of 13 she saw her friend (same age) getting married. Her friend gave birth next year and died. Raju (vijaylaxmi's nickname) saw this coming her way as well. She used to listen to her parents talking to one of her uncles about marriage. She used to hide and listen to all this. One day she shouted out "I am not getting married at this age!" Her parents were shocked. They had never seen her daughter like this before. Her mother admits that she cursed her. But she saw the silent support of her fathers. One day she said to her father "please give me your support, I will not dishonour our family". He agreed, that is when her fit against child marriage started. Slowly she got the support of her whole family and now the family together has stopped 15 child marriages in their village and the surrounding villages. Her brother is a tarot card reader so he uses his social identity to convince the brides family. The mother talks to the mother of the bride. The father talks to the father and Vijaylaxmi herself goes straight to the bride.

When Raju started this cause, her mother got threatening phone calls saying tell your daughter to stop this or we won't leave her alone, at a few instances Raju would pick up the phone and tell them "come, what can you do to me?, come". Her mother used to be very scared but she also supported her daughter in this great cause.

Vijaylaxmi Sharma says what motivates me to do this is that she pictures herself in the brides position.

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