Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rakhi Paliwal

Rakhi Paliwal is 23 years old, she has been the Vice President of her Panchayat since 3 years. She manages the sanitation of her village by taking a round of her village on her bike at 4 AM to see that no one is going towards the farm with a mug in their hand. If they are she tries to stop them. She has been telling people that it is unhygienic to poop in the farm as many diseases spread. She has been putting up public toilets but no wants to go to the toilet, they say we don't want to go to a closed room. She tells those people to at least pour some mud on their poop as it stops it to spread diseases.

She has been into politics since she was in class 5 when she became the Vice President of her class. In class 9 she told her father I want to contest elections, he said you are too young right now. Se finally came of age and asked her father then. Her father said "no, you will not be able to concentrate as you have to get married." After that she held a meeting with her Panchayat members and told them " I will not get married until my term ends, please vote for your daughter". People did give her votes. She saw in college that a man was troubling a girl, she reported it and that person was sent to jail. Since then all men in her village have been away from women, especially Rakhi. She has been studying government schemes to help the villagers.

Her daily routine is, she wakes up at 4 and goes for a ride on her bike around the village to see to the sanitation. Then she comes back and leaves for her college which is 50 km away at 6 AM. She rides her bike till her college. She comes back from college at 2 PM and talks to people to see their problems. She then studies for her exams in law. She has exams right now and she said it is good that you came today because yesterday I had an exam.

Rakhi Paliwal is the first female Vice President of her panchayat. She is also the first female bike rider of her village. She is the first woman from her village to go to learn law and that too 50 km away!

When she was asked what gave you the motivation to become a politician, she said her father was also the Vice President of her panchayat but he was not eligible any more after he had two children. She said she was fulfilling her fathers dream. When she was asked what she wants to do ahead in her life, she said politics. She also added in India politics is not supposed to be a good word but I want to help people's problems that is why I want to get into politics, not to earn money.

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