Friday, 15 March 2013

Fehmida Malik

Fehmida Malik is 40 years old, she is a qualified psychologist. She is unmarried because of the cause she is working on. She has 3 sisters and one brother, all of them are married. She was working working with mentally challenged children from the slums of Ahmedabad. In 2002 she took a break because she thought she is not learning anything and exactly a month later the Gujarat riots took place. Thousands of people from the slums were homeless. Vatva is one of the slum area in Ahmedabad. She went there to see what damage had been done. She went there for the first time. When she saw the state of the slums she felt some work needed to be done there. For 6 months after the riots, no one went out of their house there was so much terror. The children were told the stories. They were never so scared before. Fehmida said if you were not there you can't imagine what would have happened. She then started to raise funds so that the children can go to school.

She even opened bank accounts for the people. But there was one condition for that, a woman from the family will open a account and only after that will a man open an account. She gave instant loans to the people between 2000 and 4000 INR. She said at first, the men functioned from the ladies accounts but now men also have opened their own accounts and even come to deposit money in woman's bank accounts.

She got her inspiration from her father who never gave up on anything. Se said he met with an accident two years ago and had a complete memory loss, so much so that she had to even teach him how to peel a banana. But now he has fully recovered and she even went on Haj (pilgrimage) with him last year. This show his power.

She said 3 people supported her financially these are Sameer a friend from Delhi, Aman Trust which is based in Delhi, and Father Paul from a church nearby. When she was asked if her family helps her in this cause, she said yes they support me in any way possible.

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