Thursday, 4 July 2013


I love travelling. Meeting new people, listening to their stories. They have the most unexpectable stories. Travelling on the road is even more fun because I love cars a lot and I won't be able to meet anyone from 40000 feet above the ground! The villages near the highways are approachable. I can go to these villages and ask them what they think of the world outside their villages and their lifestyle. I want an SUV for travels like this as I can also go to the remotest areas that have no roads. The best stories will come from places like these. There may be some people who are having trouble staying alive. There may be some government schemes they do not know about. I can inform them about that. If the government is not helping them, I can go back to the city and contact NGOs who may be willing to help these people. I also like to click photos, I would be doing that in the villages to show the state of these people to the people who want to help. 

During my travels, I will also go off roading with my vehicle. Like driving it in the desert, slush and other places where a normal car would get stuck. Just the idea of this makes me feel very excited. Another job that I will do is work for an automobile magazine, driving and reviewing cars. I will get to drive such a variety of cars. I have always loved to photograph cars. I may also become a photographer in such a magazine. That is my passion, not something I will be forced to do for a living.

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